Dresser 2-door Nature by Vox oak/white/white

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Product features

  • The 2d chest of drawers from the Nature collection is available in two color variants that differ in the color of the fronts. The available options are a chest of drawers with white fronts or with fronts in a board with an oak decor. Thanks to this possibility, the piece of furniture can gain two different faces, which enables the creation of very diverse interiors.
  • Thanks to the use of a double-sided board, a two-color chest of drawers (with a wood decor on the outside, white inside) gains an interesting aesthetic, not burdened with several layers of the board.
  • Curved wooden handles perfectly match the aesthetics of the furniture.
  • The door has a silent closing mechanism.
  • The oblique arrangement of the legs gives the chest of drawers lightness and is a common element of the collection, allowing for a harmonious combination of shapes.
  • The front, horizontal edges are made of oak wood. This treatment not only positively affects the aesthetics of the furniture, but also makes it safer to use because it effectively hinders the loading of the tumor.
  • Both shelves behind the door are height adjustable.

The colors

  • Natural oak color
  • Veneer with oak decor
  • White


  • Wood - legs, handles and wooden edges of the furniture. The natural process for wooden elements is the oxidation process, and thus the color of the wood changes to darker. Such changes cannot therefore be a reason for complaints, as they result from the natural wood used.
  • Double-sided laminated board (body) - resistant to dirt.
  • Laminated board (fronts) - resistant to dirt.


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